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    There are 2 tricks to this race. My fastest time is 1.06s+. This will probably be hard to explain in words. A vid will probably be more useful. Anyway here are my 2 tips.

    First trick
    On the box that pushes you upwards, try to position your clone a bit more to the left. Your goal is not to go upwards cleanly. You want to bounce off the left edge. This causes your trajectory to be slower and you can immediately land on the next stage upwards and on the right, i.e. you completely bypass the crappy steps at the very top. This move is quite hard to pull off.

    Second trick
    I haven't seen anybody else use this 2nd move. While riding the ball to the right, as soon as you're directly below the nub as shown in the pic, run right. This will cause you to bounce off the hill peak, then bounce off the second ball and land nicely on the right. ;)

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    Here's a video with a 1:05.950s run.

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