What's your take on the BADLAND world?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Ben Thumbs, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Ben Thumbs

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    Yes, the game is incredible and the graphics are jaw dropping for a mobile game, but what in blazes has happened and is happening in this world?

    Weird creatures, countless death traps, old busted up robot/spaceship type stuff, brand spanking new robot/spaceship type stuff, what looks to be some kind of alien factory, or city and these poor old apparently disposable clone things.

    Not to mention that weird eye tube at the end of Day I and then of course the massive red eyed beast at the end of Day II.

    You guys have been playing BADLAND a lot longer than I have, so you must have some theories? :D
  2. grandmort

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    Well, I think they want to leave it mostly to our imagination to try to make sense of what is really going on...
    Some evil foreign entities (alien - hence the broken-up spaceships and such) have invaded this surreal, quite forest and it' is up to our clone(s) to investigate and push forward.
    I like how we are getting closer to the single eye entity thingy, I think it's always the same entity spying on us and we are getting really close by the end of DAY II - NIGHT, at least that's my take on it.

    ...Which of course has me hope for a possible DAY III release, with an epic boss battle in the very last level (level 120 that would be).

    The whole thing has a slight PORTAL feel to it (GladOS and some experiments going wrong), I think it's an homage as I know the developers like it.
  3. Wheat1328

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    I pretty much agree with you grandmort. It feels like the clones are trying to get back to somewhere. Maybe to a place similar to their home before the alien/robot things showed up. I was hoping Day 2 would end with the clones "home". But that leaves room for Day 3. :D

    I would love a Day 3! But I feel like 80 levels and all the depth the game currently has it's already a steal at whatever I got it for ($3 or $5 - I don't remember). I think additional Days should be paid expansion packs. I'd gladly pay $5 for Day 3! I'd rather have that than a BADLAND 2 I think, but not opposed to that thought either. ;)
  4. Ben Thumbs

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    My ¥2 is that it's a very cool look into an alien invasion of a planet.

    Minus the steaming alien knob coming out of the pond, this is an area of the planet that hasn't yet been fully corrupted by THE RED EYES:


    From here we journey with our CLONES through various stages of alien corruption and all the while are getting closer and closer to THE RED EYES nerve center. I think this is displayed quite well in the following shot, where it looks like the same kind of tree structure on the left as in the picture above, but that has obviously been bastardized by THE RED EYES:


    As to the motivations of THE RED EYES and our CLONES, I think the BADLAND CLONES are just following a fairly basic instinct of move or die and are just some sort of expendable entertainment, or experiment subjects for THE RED EYES. Kind of like a mice in a maze deal and every time the CLONES make it back to THE RED EYES at the end of the BADLAND NIGHT Levels, they get sent back to the start of a different maze.

    Whatever it is, I'm certain there's no final salvation to be found for our BADLAND CLONES here!

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    I think it's this alien that suddenly went through the wrong portal. Then it ends up in this weird place and wants to get back home.

    If you want a level explanation, look no further than The long story by Vangavangog.
  6. Vicvic91

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  7. Mr. X

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    I think we're like some sort hero leading the survivors to safety and just trying to as many as we can
  8. Mr. X

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    Trying to save as many as we can

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