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    by @Pizzaandy


    Mission & Clone Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube or Everyplay and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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    shit man, tough level for the all powerup mission (pretty cool level, though, short).....hey 4slann, if you could post a video on your youtube account on how you got all powerups that would be awesome....i got the other 2 missions and i found pretty much all the secret powerups? i just can't get figure out how to get the 2 right when the lasers i make sure 2 of my clones are nice and buried and have a 3rd above, but it never seems to work out...i did it ONCE, but then i couldn't get the screen slowdown powerup AND the clone duplicator powerup as the fan blew me past it (really sucked)....ive played this one quite a few times too so i figure im gonna need to see someones playthrough to figure out a better strategy here...thanks

    edit: whoa, i just saw your playthrough on everyplay, and you got REALLY lucky getting the powerups i just mentioned - no idea how you didn't die at the lasers....shit, looks like im going to have to get lucky too

    edit 1 min later: ha, well 4slann, you are just goddman good luck for me i guess even if i just watch your videos (i did a different strategy to get the powerups before the lasers though) cause as soon as i played the level i got all powerups.....thank you, for always posting videos!
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    That playthrough helped me finding the first slow time powerup, though I didn't even see it on first view. As for the powerups at the lasers, try to go in with 4-6 clones, go up and let them (the surviving ones ;-) fall back so that they are buried again. I needed 6-10 tries at that, and then more tries as I messed up later.

    Edit: so you're quick...

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