Circle Of Death

Discussion in 'INFINITY' started by Vicvic91, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Vicvic91

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    Time Trial


    Post your time trial scores in the Timetrial spreadsheet!

    Mission, Clone & Time Trial Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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  2. dubz131

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    hey vivic, finally just got 71 clones saved on this level (which just pushed me to #20 overall on gamecenter with 1,797 clones! - haha, that's good for me so i'll celebrate it)...and this level was hard, imo...i watched 4 slann's videos for help, but i just couldn't seem to get more than 50ish...sometimes you just pick up and play a level and bam! you beat the missions you never thought you would be able to....hopefully one day (and soon!) this will happen with the 'edge' level ;)

    edit: i guess that's advice for anyone who is stuck...definitely check out 4 slann's videos on youtube (the guy is a complete beast at this game)...and practice the strategies - they do work eventually...i owe pretty much half the missions i've gotten in badland 1 & 2 to this guys vids
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  3. Vicvic91

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    Eheh, maybe @4slann can explain us directly his strategy :)

    @dubz131 : try to create an Everyplay account and share us your replays ! :)
  4. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i do have an everyplay account - but i only see badland 1 vids on there
  5. Vicvic91

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    Oups, sorry for that !

    An Everyplay account for Badland 1, a Youtube account for Badland 2 :)
  6. 4slann

    4slann Member

    Hey everyone
    Thanks for the nice words about my channel
    Here is my walkthrough to this level:

    The strategy is quite simple in 53 seconds you touch the screen for a long time so that at 55 sec 3 or 4 clones are in front of the others. These 3 or 4 clones activate the saw blades. Then you just have to try not to lose to many clones in the fire.
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  7. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    4 more clones got in online mode that will be forgotten : ( and 7 more on UP!!

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  8. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    I wanna brag about this level:mrgreen:
    not about clones, but it's about timetrial

    I got 20.516s as my record.........Please tell if someone could do better:)
    unluckily I didnt record a video as i didnt knew this could be a new record:(

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