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    Haha :mrgreen:. She left in pieces.

    It's all good. Even without 3D, your iPad rocks BL2 hard. Don't forget that 3D Touch means it's an iPhone. I sometimes get frustrated in BL2 and wish I had a bigger screen lol. Some annoyances of a small iPhone screen versus an iPad screen:

    * Thumbs tend to block gameplay. Portalbot and Portaling can be frustrating. My thumbs obscure critical gameplay with each tube revolution. This affects all levels to varying degrees. Middle part of Revolve and Cube Driver, last part of Race Behind, etc.

    * Negotiating through tight spaces are a pain cos you just can't see enough. Deminer and Vertical Race come to mind.

    * When managing a large group of tiny clones, there's a tendency to miss a few. I just can't see the small suckers. For example, Intruders Race, Next Race and probably the yellow levels too.

    * The previous problem is exacerbated when you superimpose the ghost clones onto the small iPhone screen. There's visual interference between my clones and the ghost clones, especially when making split-second maneuvers. Gauntlet Race and Next Race are examples.

    The ultimate BL2 device would be an iPad with 3D Touch, which doesn't exist haha. Next best devices are the following:

    * 2 devices. iPad as default and 3D iPhone for those few levels.

    * iPad

    * Larger iPhone Plus model with 3D

    * Regular size iPhone with 3D, like my 6S.
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    I still don’t get how to use the 3D Touch. I play on iPhone 6s and I have it activated. I typically use my thumbs for playing but in levels like Fatfall it simply looks that players like Smurphina fall faster than my clone (like gravity was stronger)
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    So you are using the same device as @primesgenato. I never reached his speed with my device, compared it to his video above. Simply not possible for me. Tried different settings for 3D-Touch, never lucked.
    Perhaps it's different device settings and I did it wrong, perhaps every single device differs. No idea.

    This level is no fun anyway, I'm too bad at it. Only tried again today after your post, but got no chance to watch @Smurphina's speed. I assume it is like in primesgenato's video above.

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