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Discussion in 'FASTEST TIME TO FINISH' started by n0phun, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator





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  2. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    0765E9C6-FA7F-4260-BC4B-D11EAC1B9A12.jpeg Again some impossible push made some great score and pride. Your turn #primesgenato :)
  3. primesgenato

    primesgenato Active Member

    Hi Marcello_HUN. Incredible score! I remember you did 18s+ before too. Amazing.

    For me, getting below 20s is hard haha. There's still 6 hours to go. We'll see ... ;)
  4. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    6DF0BF90-3C1F-4FCF-9BA1-DB60753AD6DE.jpeg Hi!

    You have a great memory.:)
    Here it is.
    I will not have time to play today maybe 4-5 hours from now so if you beat the score its yours..:) let me know please.
  5. primesgenato

    primesgenato Active Member

    didn't beat your score ... but go have a look now :P
  6. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    Congrats! You are a maniac, arent you?:)))
  7. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    I checked your shadow! You stole my strategy!!:)))) nice job man!
  8. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    I am sorry. Please look at the score. Really sorry.
  9. primesgenato

    primesgenato Active Member

    Yeah, your strategy is better. You're very good at moving down at fast speeds. No wonder you're unbeatable in Rush and Fatfall.

    But damn!!! You got 18s+ again. That's probably impossible for me!
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  10. Marcello_HUN

    Marcello_HUN Member

    Maybe i am talking against myself but I really think that after changing to that strategy you can beat my score because your ability moving mass amounts of clones is unbeatable for sure.

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