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    by @Rabidhowl



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    hmmm, different kind of level...was able to beat it in 3 tries my first playthrough this morning....my itouch crapped out on me so i'm in the process of restoring EVERYTHING (thanks gamecenter)...but luckily, frogmind rocks and all my previous data was synced to the cloud and got restored as soon as i re-downloaded badland 1 and badland 2 so i don't have to play everything all over :)

    oh, but this is about the level...as i said, different, but short - kind of hard at the beginning to figure out how to get past the first 'boss' thingy (i did it so i only got 3 of the powerups and then the rest is pretty much easy, it's all about timing..like the grim reaper part, just time it when the blade goes down and bam he's dead...then push the rock and block the laser and bam your past that...hopefully when i play again i'll get 1 try
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    That was weird, but fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Welcome @Rabidhowl in the forum ! Great job with all your levels :)
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