Frost Rush

Discussion in 'SAVE THE MOST CLONES' started by Vicvic91, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Interesting level. So, I presume I haven't figured out some "secret". It's a level in which you win by surviving the longest amount of time, yet I played it a few times for a max of 2 minutes and 9 seconds and then reached the end where the tube sucks down the remaining clones ending my game. I see some other people have played it longer.. EDIT-ah hah! I'm figuring it out, nearly at 3 minutes now. Got more figuring out to do :)
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    This was first posted in "Survive the longest" but has very early been changed to a clone saving level. Did get the wrong place in the spreadsheet accordingly, so nobody could enter her/his clone counts there. I'll fix the sheet later, for now I will move this thread to "Save the most clones".

    Smurphina got incredible 130 here yesterday. Best I ever saw, Online Multiplayer and the original Frost level too, best so far there is 121 from @<|-|!<0 . Wish we had a video from one of them.

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    Spreadsheet is fixed, hopefully I didn't mess up something. So it's gold for me for my lame 95 as I'm the only one of the sheet participants who inserted a value for now.

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