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    hey vivic, did you guys increase the difficulty (more saw blades) in this level? and i mean online and single player modes....because i am now having trouble getting 130-150 (my max is 188ish); but now when i play i can barely get 70 clones to the exit seems no matter what i do (change my speed or timing up) theres always a straight tow of blades that you can't pass through without either them sawing all your clones to death or the screen of death below ready to kill you while you wait for the slow blades to honestly seems different than it was before
  3. Vicvic91

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    Nope, I don't have tweaked this level.
    But... things are going to move in the Online Mode, and maybe you could have a different version to play soon :)
  4. dubz131

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    it's cool - im happy with my score; i just kept trying to get 200+ (as i've seen some people get it), but i have no idea how to get that much AND get through the blades
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    248! As Chico said in the thread about this level in main game: no, I feel nothing :)

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    Some days ago I got 267 at the beginning, lost most of them. Perhaps because I waited too long to go up.

    But I always thought 261 is the maximum there.
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    you could try again :P

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