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    by @Mr. X

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    Mission & Clone Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube or Everyplay and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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    uhh, how do you get the secret powerups? there has to be some at the 'off' button part thingy...cause i finally got lucky and was able to have 2 clones get knocked up/down to grab both the clone powerups and then grab the rest (the hard part in the 'tunnel' thing at the end - you know what i'm talking about if you played)...but any help would be great since i was pretty dissapointed it didn't give me the mission
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    CollabX "Pyrø"

    CollabX "Pyrø"

    CollabX "Pyrø" - most important

    And in one try:):mrgreen:
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