Splitting the signal? (Plus some trigger questions)

Discussion in 'LEVEL EDITOR' started by Jun Hayakawa, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Jun Hayakawa

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    I've always found it annoying that a trigger can only trigger one event. Is there some function that can make a signal go two ways simultaneously? Additionally, I'm new to the level editor and am doing some experimenting. I'm trying to make a button that will turn a running laser off for one second, then turn it back on. What I've done is try to use a "signal gate" as I call it. The thing that passes a signal forward if it meets the criteria. Anyway, what I've done it tried to use a signal gate to turn the laser off on true, and then turn it off on false, making it false using a delay event, but so far I haven't succeeded. Please help me.
  2. V⭕LTIAC

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    This one's pretty easy to make. Have the button send the signal to an on/off event so it can turn off the laser. In the properties menu of the on/off event, there's a caption that says "send signal". So make it send the signal to a time delay event. Time delays are already set to 1 second delay so have it send another signal to another on/off event. This one will target the laser, turning it back on.

    I'd love to insert pictures but I don't know how. I hope that was somewhat helpful.
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  3. FBI Light Rock

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    It's possible to do that using three icons. The first icon, which i assume you already have, is the On/Off Event icon that turns off the laser.

    Now create a new icon that is the Time Delay icon (A pink icon with a clock in it). In the properties menu of the first On/Off icon event, there is a section that says "Forward to". There should be a box below it and an arrow at the right hand side of it. Now drag from that arrow to the Time Delay event icon. There should be a red line connecting it and the icon.

    Create a third event icon, the On/Off event icon, and under target objects, similarly drag the arrow to the target laser you want to turn on after one second. Now select the Time Delay icon, and there should be the same option called "Forward To", and drag the arrow to the third icon that you just created. Done! :)
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    A small tutorial special for @V⭕LTIAC :)
    1. Click at "Upload a File"
    bandicam 2017-04-03 09-57-46-055.jpg
    2. Find the file you need on your computer or on your device
    bandicam 2017-04-03 09-58-52-431.jpg
    3. Open this file
    bandicam 2017-04-03 10-01-09-056.jpg
    4. After uploading the file, click at "Full Image"
    bandicam 2017-04-03 10-09-29-356.jpg
    5. Post your reply with screenshots
    bandicam 2017-04-03 10-10-29-855.jpg
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  5. V⭕LTIAC

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    Oh, yay! Thanks!
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    Ahahah, thanks you too! xD
    Sooooo beautiful screenshot! Awesome background! bandicam 2017-04-03 19-26-54-585.jpg
  7. IMG_0457.JPG
    Ah! What did I see? INSIDE! :D
    It's a great game!
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  8. Baksbrown

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    Yes, this is a wonderful game! And besides, a great source of inspiration...
    heh ...
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    What about in iPad? I can't upload a file it keeps saying it's too big
  10. Vicvic91

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    Publish it first in Facebook and then in save it from there to upload it : the social network will reduce the size of the file :)
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    IMG_7370.JPG Sneak peak for Pyrø
    Thank 4 teaching me how to upload photos Vic

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