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    oh dude, cmon....this level needs some MAJOR nerfing...there are sooo many cheap parts i don't even know where to begin...i can't even get the 15 deaths or less mission
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    but this level - cmon....it's unbeliveably cheap in a bunch of different sections...it's total luck on how your rolly guy is going to bounce in the way you want him to...rolly levels are much better suited for badland 2; the controls just don't feel right like this
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    grrrrrrr those fucking spinning rings at the end...fuck that!

    edit: and the level all wigs out and glitches...i finally get over a ring and it goes crazy and glitches across the screen and kills me...this is just rage fuel

    my god i long for the days of 'the metal parke' and 'tenth virtigo'
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