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    **the previous has been removed after cooling off time**

    edit: finally beat it ('trapped') (with HAVING to skip the first part because there's a 'secret' powerup or something bs)...**also not the worst level i've ever played - just the hardest - at leat until i figure out the secret of NOT getting killed by that spike ball at the very end of the first part**

    just breathe, dubz...
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    hey, the week befores level i really liked and got all 3 missions in 2 tries (it just didnt register on game center - you know how that goes)...but today i was engraged after i had some bad work related issues and i found a new level to play in eternal day and my god did it make me go crazy..i 'finished' it...but i'll never get any of the missions until i figure out what the secrets of the level are...there's clearly a hidden powerup(s) and the only way to beat in 1 and 2 tries is to get past the first part without dying which i haven't figured out yet...the second part i figure out what you need to do to avoid getting crushed by all the stuff that falls

    so i'm going to have to wait for 4slann to show me the way
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    by Klenoka



    Clones Saved
    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet
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    Sorry for the bug this week !
    New finalized update should be available in the next few hours in your device. If not, please uninstall and download again the app, it will reinitialize the level's datas.

    In this new update, there is some more clones to save, and extra powerups to survive the killing saw.
    Enjoy the music in this level ! :)
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    Another level with the camera problem (Stage 2) does get quite irritating sometimes...

    Its easy to get one try if you avoid the second clone powerup at the bottom of the path. The saw will get stuck trying to roll over it. Bug or intended?

    Saving clones is a pain though. At the second part clones can unknowingly disappear (and also appear from the first stage, just to disappear later) after getting the 2 spinner powerups. It's random. Saved 3 clones, but 4 is possible.
  6. dubz131

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    dude that's crazy! your update to the level makes it WAYYYYY easier :)

    but i was able to beat it yesterday and get all 3 missions before the update....i figured out a way to get ahead of the spinning blade (when the rubble flies upward let part of it push you forward)...but i guess it doesn't matter anymore

    but atleast people won't be tearing their hair out like me
  7. dubz131

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    oh yea, the music was cool....i LOVE interstellar as a film and the films score by hans zimmer is brilliant (nominated for oscar for good reason)...i thought that was a really cool touch by the level creator

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