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    Hey! Flamingjazz here, welcome to the beta testing! As you all know, Badland 2.7 is coming out soon with a Level Editor and a new level pack "Eternal Day" soon, and all of you here are ready to crack out some new levels, report bugs, and even have a chance at getting a level into Eternal Day.

    A little about me, I've been helping beta test the level editor in the first wave of people testing back at the very beginning of summer, and I am accustomed to the level editor, and I am also a moderator to this website, but I am just a fan like yourself, from the Rocky Mountains in the USA.

    Before you even download Testflight onto your device, please check out this statement by Frogmind to know what is going to happen before you download the program.

    To get started, and absolutely most important, beta testing wouldn't be beta testing without giving feedback to Frogmind, reporting bugs and giving positive feedback here. Please check it out

    Using the level editor has a definite learning curve, and takes some getting used to and figuring out. To help with that, there are many resources to help.
    --First take a look at the in-game tutorial and Tutorial levels. Indeed helpful to get you started.
    --Teemu posted a very helpful Frogmind official "Noobs tutorial: How to get started with the editor right here on the forums. Check it out
    --Frogmind member Miikka put together a number of videos of how to use certain aspects of the editor, including the most common traps, how to use events, using math functions, and create the classic Badland experience. Check that out here
    --And if you want to ask questions and get help, feel free to ask! This thread is open to any questions you may have or need help with any functions in the editor. If it's something "how to..?", likely i or any of the previous beta testers like Vicvic91, Cleedek, Frost, or anyone previous, or anyone new who has wants to help can help you out with your question, and Frogmind is also happy to help when they can. If it's input to Frogmind about their game or bugs, make sure to put it on their beta feedback thread, and they'll see it and note it.

    Once you get going, you'll see the possibilities are up to The extent of your imagination. Get creating and get creative!
    When you get going, check out the level world and some of the levels that are already up, as there are some amazing and creative ones thatll hopefully give you ideas.
    Additionally, there's this thread where you can get on and discuss with other testers about the amazing levels in progress

    Just a reminder, please don't post crap, try to find faults with the system, report often and keep Frogmind up to date, and most importantly, have fun :)
    Also, this forums is the put together of Frogmind, and these posts, the content therein, and the game itself, is under them. I am not a member of Frogmind, and am just a fan helping other fans out, so this statement is under their discretion and can be edited or deleted as they will.

    Have fun and get creating!!
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    As stated above, if you have any questions, specifically "How to..?" Or want any help, feel free to ask on this thread.
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    Hello again. It's been a while. I've decided to try to make a level with a very neat gimmick but I'm struggling with some of the game logic. Basically, I want to make a level where there's a 4-stage tap/untap cycle, where stage tap1 has one effect, stage until 2 has no effect, stage tap2 has a different effect, and stage untap2 has no effect again. I figured out how to do one or the other, but I can't seem to get both. Any help?
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    I can help with that. I'll private message a quick step by step to you when I get a chance
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